Ashley Dowdy




Are you feeling alone, misunderstood, or overwhelmed with your current life circumstances? I believe that we can all agree that in our current climate, life is difficult and can throw us challenges that we believe to be unmanageable. Stressors from work, finances, family, friendships, and romantic partnerships can impede on your quality of life and interfere with the happiness you deserve. This is why I am here. Whether you are going through a career transition, navigating healthy boundaries, or in need of processing the negative thoughts or emotions you feel daily, I am here to help. I will address, validate and acknowledge these negative feelings/emotions while also providing the empowerment and evidence-based practices needed to help you take control of these various aspects of your life again.

I work with teens and young adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, career stress, eating disorders, and professional or interpersonal relationship issues. Through our individualized therapy sessions, I will provide a judgement free space aligned with empathy and grace while also challenging you to implement our therapy work into the various areas of your everyday lives. I will help you attain a better understanding and awareness of your feelings, behaviors, and thoughts while also developing healthy coping techniques that can help reframe the negative thoughts and behaviors you are experiencing.

I intend to hold a relaxed, judgment free environment in regards to our therapy sessions. Though our sessions will be primarily client driven, with your permission I help navigate the negative feelings and emotions that may come up for you. Therapy is not always comfortable. It’s tough. But I will provide the comfort needed to sit in those feelings you are experiencing and guide you through the process.

My approaches for therapy include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), where we will reframe the negative thoughts you may be feeling- but also through the lens of a strength based perspective. This perspective will empower you to achieve your therapeutic goals and meet you where you are in the therapeutic process.

I am proud of you for taking the difficult step of addressing the emotional challenges you are facing. Give yourself grace on this healing journey as we work through the tough moments. We are in this together. I look forward to working with you!

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