There are options for your mental health and professional needs.

Our Services:

Adult, Child, Adolescent, Couples, and Family Therapy

Various therapy modalities are available for those who are striving to navigate life’s transitions, and overcome hardships and struggles that may derive from systemic, racial, relational, and/or traumatic experiences. Therapeutic techniques focus on self-esteem, sense of self, emotional intelligence, anxiety and worry, depression, trauma, imposter syndrome, identity development, adulting and adulthood, relational and relationship conflict, family conflict, and interpersonal experiences.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can assist individuals who may feel isolated with the struggles that they have encountered throughout life or currently. Some insurance companies cover the cost of this service. This form of therapy can also be helpful within the company/community/corporate environment to assist multiple individuals at the same time with their mental health needs. Environments run smoother when the individuals within them are emotionally and mentally healthy.

Consulting and Workshops

Consulting and workshops are available for entities seeking guidance around managing wellness and mental health within schools, universities, workplaces, and/or the communities. These services can be provided to students, parents and caregivers, leaders, staff, and/or employees. Consulting, workshop, and wellness program subject examples include, but aren’t limited to, learning skills and coping tools to manage one’s emotional health; overcoming hardships and traumatic moments; psychoeducation; forming healthy workplace relationships and culture; and getting past imposter syndrome.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is available to professionals and practitioners who need to fulfill their clinical hours for professional licensing and/or therapists, counselors, and coaches who desire extra guidance in their own therapeutic work.